DM LogoWe're proud to be able to offer tuition to suit absolutely any age or ability- everyone is welcome.

If it's your first time picking up a golf club, our teaching strategies will have you training like a pro and ready to go it alone in no time at all. For the more experienced, we can monitor your game and measure up your strengths and weaknesses to further improve your skills.

We focus on every aspect of the game that can affect performance; including technique, equipment, physique, strength and conditioning and psychological training, using the latest, most innovative equipment available. We provide you with personilsed tuitition at every level to develop your game to your greatest potential.

Packages available:

  • Learn Golf in a Day - 6 Hour Intensive One Day Course
  • Elite Golf School - 3 day professional course
  • Scoring School - 1 day masterclass

Take a look at our packages, where you can choose one tailored to suit you. Or, send an email to for information on specific requirements.

To discuss your requirements
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